[Wolves] keymapping

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Dec 3 11:46:00 2002

Chris Procter spoo'd forth:
> I use the console.
> Why run Xwindows just so you can run a couple of xterms and emacs
> simultaneously when you can use screen and get the same result with far less
> overhead. Of course I've always been a keyboard person rather then a mouse
> man.

Ah, I suppose that this is because 90% of what  I  do  is  in  some  way 
connected with the web or a browser,  so  I  like  to  have  Phoenix  or 
whatever open. I agree that if you're a  console  sort  of  person  then 
it's easier to have "screen"-ed consoles than it is to  just  use  X  as 
something in which to spawn xterms...


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