[Wolves] keymapping

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Dec 3 14:03:00 2002

Dan spoo'd forth:
>> lot better. Has anyone actually  tried  Berlin  instead  of  X?  I'd  be
>> interested in hearing reports...
> It's been renamed to fresco. ( now at http://www.fresco.org )

Oo. I knew about Fresco, but i didn't realise that the Berlin  team  had 
(a) robbed Fresco as an architecture and (b) renamed their project ;)
> It still hasn't got any real apps yet(or even so much as a mention of an 
> X compatibility layer as far as I can see) so it doesn't look that 
> useful.  I notice there's .debs in unstable now so I think I'll try it 
> again when I get home.  :) 

I'd be really interested to  see  how  it  works;  I  could  always  try 
installing it myself, I suppose...


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