[Wolves] keymapping

Chris Procter wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Dec 3 16:38:00 2002

a emacs Vs XWindows flamewar, "my text editor is better then your windowing
system" or maybe "my text editor is better at editing text then your
windowing system is at displaying windows". I dont think its got legs really

Personnally I dont use X normally for several reasons, firstly I did a lot
of my early unix work via telnet so it seems pretty natural, secondly I find
using the keyboard a lot faster then switching between mouse & keyboard (I
tend to use window managers where you can do everything by keys when I do
use X), thirdly I mostly do stuff that can be done via keyboard (mainly
programming etc rather then graphics work), fourthly I use emacs so corded
key strings hold no fears for me, fifthly most major linux window managers
tend to try and impersonate windows, I don't like windows and therefore
don't like KDE/Gnome/icewm etc, sixthly I can get all the most useful bits
from "screen" etc without the overhead (mainly start-up time) involved,
seventhly (most importantly?) the latest version of X doesn't support my
graphics card (its an onboard cheapo thing), eighthly I feel that I'm much
closer to the metal using the console then I do with an xterm (no real
reason for this, just a feeling)

That said I do use X sometimes, it not a religious thing (hell, I even use
Vi from time to time).


BTW. Hi, I'm a South Birmingham LUG person lurking on your list because ours
is a tad slow at the moment :)

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 --- Chris Procter <Chris@foxonline.co.uk> wrote: >
Sorry, you're using Xwindows and are criticising
> emacs memory usage?!?

i tend to use XWindows as little as possible, this is
going to turn into a flame war me thinks...


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