[Wolves] women in linux

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Dec 3 16:46:00 2002

steve parkes spoo'd forth:
>>Friendly? Pah. Throw 'em in the deep end  and  see  if  they  can  swim,
>>that's what I say :) Steve, Vinny, would you have preferred it  if  we'd
>>have brought you tea and cakes and been nice to you? ;-)
> Steve, Vinny and Alex were ok but Richard looked a little started when jono 
> said "yeah, and who are you?" 

That's a reasonable point. Big distinction between computer  people  and 
ordinary people who are just interested in Linux -- with  the  exception 
of Mark Ellse, Richard was the first ordinary person we've had, I think?


Abusus non tollit usum
(The threat of potential abuse shouldn't be an argument against any use)