[Wolves] women in linux

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Dec 4 22:42:00 2002

Rachael Baylis spoo'd forth:
>>That's a reasonable point. Big distinction between computer  people  and
>>ordinary people who are just interested in Linux -- with  the  exception
>>of Mark Ellse, Richard was the first ordinary person we've had, I think?
> <feels mildly offended... and also appropriate to the discussion :) >

Oops, yes, my abject apologies...
> I'm just an ordinary person interested in Linux; I've only been running
> it at all for about six months or less. I didn't find it too scary...
> although admittedly Jono wasn't there for the first couple of meets I
> went to :) 

Jono is enough to scare anyone, I admit ;)


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