[Wolves] women in linux - aq as a laaady

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Dec 4 22:46:01 2002

Jono Bacon spoo'd forth: 
> When you say mental image - what do you see? I
> personally see Aq with a nice flowery skirt on and a
> GAP top. Jees...I need some sleep. Maybe we could
> knock something up in our friend the GIMP. ;)

Ahem! Again!

I see myself in a power-dressy sort  of  suit-n-skirt  thing  with  four 
inch heels  and  stockings,  personally.  Or  maybe  that's  how  I  see 
everyone else? It's all tangled up in my head ;-)


Writing software is, in fact, like dancing to frozen music.
           -- mewse