[Wolves] controlling ascii video output

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Dec 12 20:44:01 2002

steve crozier spoo'd forth:
> howdee
> Thanks Aq for showing us the ace mplayer ascii output thingy, but we have a 
> question - is it possible to get it to output the video through aalib, but 
> using a textfile , i.e a document of some relevence to the video?
> We want to project some relevent text you see over some video we've got, any 
> ideas appreciated :-) 

Huh? You want a video shown with aalib *and* put text on top of it?  You 
won't be able to read the text, surely?

There have to be people like me, so people like you can look so clever.
           -- Max Jaeger, Fatherland