[Wolves] re:ascii video

steve crozier wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Dec 13 14:20:00 2002

> We want to project some relevent text you see over some video we've got=
, any=20
> ideas appreciated :-)=20

>Huh? You want a video shown with aalib *and* put text on top of it?  You=
>won't be able to read the text, surely?

Obviously you are correct :-)I wasn't hoping to project on top of the vid=
eo - =20
i wanted  see if a text file could be the actual source of the ascii outp=
through which the video plays. (I was thinking about how the shading of t=
text would define the image well enough) On reflection thats's probably=20
fundamentally misunderstanding how aalib works. Oh well :-)

steve A2:RT