[Wolves] viewing ram movies in debian

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Dec 15 11:37:01 2002

Matt Wright spoo'd forth:
> Mplayer is in apt-get already!!

Are you sure about that? If you built a Debian package from the sources,
it'll show up in an apt-cache search, but http://packages.debian.org/mplayer
doesn't list it, which means it's not in the Debian archive...


from string import *;import re,base64;w=base64.decodestring('YXF1YXJp'+
'dXNAa3J5b2dlbml4Lm9yZw==');u='['+lowercase+']';print re.sub(u,'-',w)
while filter(lambda x: x in u,w): s=raw_input('Letter:');u=filter\
(lambda x: x != s,u);print re.sub(u,'-',w)