[Wolves] Stuff and nonsense

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Dec 19 14:41:00 2002

Jono Bacon spoo'd forth:
> Hi folks,
> A few things to ask:
> 1. Who wants to do a LUG summary? I suggest Aq, Fizz,
> Dan, James or Rachel as they were there first. :D Lets
> remember also that James has already done one...so
> someone put your hand up. :)

I had to leave early, though ;(

> 2. Is the Pie Factory on for the 8th Jan? To those
> uninitiated, it was discussed that we should all go
> and eat pie on the 8th Jan. Should we count this as a
> LUG meeting or schedule the LUG meeting for the week
> after so we dont go out of sync? The piue factory trip
> could also be an opportunity to meet some LUG people
> who have yet to come to a meeting...you know who you
> are...

I'd say that we make that the first LUG meeting of the year. Note tht
technically, by skipping a week, we'll be back *in* sync, because we went a
week out of sync a couple of months ago...


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