[linux] Re: [Wolves] Stuff and nonsense

Wayne Morris wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Dec 21 20:25:00 2002

On Sat, 2002-12-21 at 15:17, Peter Oliver wrote:
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> > > Where is this pie factory?
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> > It's not *actually* a pie factory, which is a mistake that I made too. It's
> > a pub in Tipton called The Pie Factory (although they do make and sell pies
> > on the premises).
> http://www.necgroup.co.uk/restaurants/piefactory/
It used to be part of a chain of 'Little Pubs' around the midlands, all
with their own theme, but tied into to the advertising line 'Please
Drink Harder and Faster', beer called 'Lumphammer'- with a hammer as the
beerpull, desperate dan cow pies, etc etc.

Other pubs included the 'Dry Dock' in Netherton - which is still well
worth a visit - canal barge as the bar.
Also the 'Sauce Factory' in Worcester, and many others.

I think the guy sold them for a fortune and they all seem to be
unconnected anymore, which is a shame, they used to do a trail to
collect an item at each pub and then receive a big freeby if you did
them all.