[Wolves] Postering Campaign

Steve Crozier wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Dec 25 21:41:00 2002


> One idea I think may be usefull is to stick some
> posters up around the local area - particularly at
> Universities / Computer Shops / Libraries etc.

I'm happy to help mate. What we need to do is to decide who we're aiming =
Linux heads? windows refugees? Are we coming from the trash technology an=

All of this is a lot to say on one poster, and may confuse the issue, so =
suggest a set of posters, aimed at different peeps.
We could have one aimed at geeks, one for business, one for green audienc=
e and=20
so on. It be more work at the beginning, but might be better in the long =

We talk soon! i must go and party now after a surprisingly trouble free d=
with my family :-)
Have fun everyone!