[Wolves] mr aq email client question

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Dec 28 17:30:01 2002

Steve Crozier spoo'd forth:
> Aq, when you came to see us, i remember you checked your email using a text 
> based app. What was it? Was it Mutt? I don't actually remembering you 
> configuring anything so would be interested in what you used, i've read about 
> mutt and it also seems to need fetch/proc/sendmail..

It was mutt. The reason I didn't configure anything is that it was already
configured. I wasn't using Mutt on one of your machines, I sshed into giles,
my home machine, and used it from there ;)

Mutt does do POP, I thought, but I use fetchmail and exim...


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