[Wolves] CD writing

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Dec 29 15:02:04 2002

Robert Smith spoo'd forth:
> Hi
> To be honest Aq i used dd to make isos from existing discs and if i am
> burning a directory structure i used mkisofs, all from a shell window! The
> only thing I have not managed to do is copy audio cds yet, if anyone can
> shed light on this it would help

Ah, see, I don't do data CDs. The two things I need to do are make VCDs (and
SVCDs) from video files, which I'm doing with mplayer, and make audio CDs,
either from a collection of mp3s/oggs or by copying an existing audio CD.
It's the last one that I want a GUI thing for.


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