[Wolves] CD writing

Steve Crozier wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Dec 29 23:17:00 2002

On Sunday 29 Dec 2002 3:01 pm, Aquarius wrote:

> CDs, either from a collection of mp3s/oggs or by copying an existing au=
> CD. It's the last one that I want a GUI thing for.

aq, i havn't installed it myself, but when i get the sound working on my=20
laptop i'd deffo give 'sumi' a look. http://www.tex9.com/software/sumi/

If anyones not familiar, its a linux version of Itunes for keeping track =
your mp3s, ripping and burning cds..sounds really cool actually.

Btw way aq, i didn't know you used a GUI for anything! :-p