[Wolves] Mandrake and me.

Simon Howes wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Nov 1 22:19:00 2002

Gosh, I'm really starting to show my newbie 1337 skills here.  2 mails in
one day.

My problem/rant:
Mandrake won't stay stable.  Some program has to crash on me, freezing the
system forcing me to reboot.  Is there a way to end task a program?  When
the system does crash fully and I'm forced to reboot it runs a file system
check, where everytime it finds a problem, I then have to let the system fix
it (or else the system reboots sending me around in circles), which it
doesnt (I like the note "Some files may be deleted by running this
operation").  I then can never reboot the machine again, not even in
failsafe.  Once it managed to get into the GUI, only to find the pass for
root doesn't exist anymore so I can't do anything, once it go to the KDE
loading stage, but then it said a file was missing.  Usually the computer
gets as far as a 'X' cursor loading with a black background where the system
does nothing.  The only way I can seem to fix it is by doing a whole
reformat (which I have done 5 times today).

What am I doing wrong?

Simon "howesey" Howes

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