[Wolves] MySQL frontends

Jayne Heger wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Nov 5 11:31:01 2002


Can anyone recommend a nice GUI frontend for MySQL?

I am thinking of phpMyAdmin, but are there any others which may be better.

I am going to be using it just to create a few tables and run some queries for 
a Database Design module at university.

Or alternatively if anyone just happens to have Oracle Personal edition (the 
free one) on CD I don't suppose you could do me a copy please and I'll pay 
for the CD.
I would download it myself but on my 56k connection, that could take a looong 
time (I'll have handed the assigment in before it had finished downloading ;) 
) LOL.

Thanks for any help.

One day I will appear at a LUG meeting I promise ;)