[Wolves] Remember that HPT372 RAID thing I was on about?

Dan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Nov 5 16:42:01 2002

It's been a frigging nightmare since.  I got the RAID chip working fine, 
but found that other parts of the board were faulty (NIC not working, 
tempremental POSTing etc) so I sent it back and ordered another.  Thing 
is, they didn't have that exact board in stock so I ordered a 'similar' 
board.  This one has an HPT374.

Grrrr.  'Open-source drivers available from Highpoint's web site' my 
arse.  I did download the HPT372 'open-source' *cough*read heavily 
binary*cough* drivers to have a look.  Luckily the device numbers *are* 
contained within a readable header in the download so I could simply 
change the device number of the 372A to that of the 374 - now it's 
recognised as two 372As, and actually works suprisingly well.  I'm not 
sure how it'd cope if I'd changed the configuration to use all four 
channels though.  (No, I'm not going to risk it :) )

Any more than that, that is trying to get the thing *properly* 
recognised, was just not possible, in spite of the fact that the 374 is 
actually mentioned in the source file.  I do know that there are 
open-source kernel drivers being worked on, but IIRC they're not ready 
for prime-time yet and (I could be wrong here) they don't do RAID 10.

Needless to say, Highpoint are not high on my list of favourite 
companies at the moment.  Still, at least they do support Linux to an 
extent I suppose.