[Wolves] Web host needed.

steve parkes wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Nov 6 10:54:01 2002

Not that I want to start a religous war here but can anyone offer advise on 
a 'very cheap' web host?

We need php and mysql (of course) but I also need someone who listens to 
users about what modules etc that need to be installed.

the one we originally used was not up to the job ,500 internal server error 
messages 'not their problem' and refusing to look up the error in their logs 
so that I could debug my scripts, when I asked what server software they 
where using they first of all said 'you wouldn't understand' and then 
refused point blank to tell me anything more than the php version number 
when I asked if it was compiled with certain libs.

The main problem is one of budget the organisation in question has recently 
been set up to allow people with severe disabilities to get together and the 
web site was going to be an integral part of this.

so if anyone knows of (or owns ;-) a host that can provide very cheap 
hosting to begin with and allow us to expand as we need to I would be very 
interested to here from you.

cheers in advance

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