[Wolves] Web host needed.

Andrew Watson wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Nov 6 11:14:02 2002

steve parkes <stephenparkes1972@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Not that I want to start a religous war here but can anyone offer advise
> a 'very cheap' web host?
> We need php and mysql (of course) but I also need someone who listens to
> users about what modules etc that need to be installed.


Hi Steve, and Wolves LUG

I'm currently using BigBiz[1] in the US, pretty good so far (2 years), offer
php & mysql.
Currently Stronghold/2.2 Apache/1.2.5 C2NetUS/2002/php3.0.3.
Pay about US$20/m

Not sure about adding additional modules, but they seem pretty good at
replying to tech support queries so I would drop them a line[2].

[1] www.bigbiz.com
[2] info@bigbiz.com


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