[Wolves] QT question.

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Nov 6 11:20:00 2002

steve parkes spoo'd forth:
> Any QT wizards out there (jono?) who can help me with a problem.
> How can I cast from string to QString?  This one really screwed me up last 
> night.
> I am busy adding a GUI interface to an alicebot (www.alicebot.org) I have 
> already hacked one to output via the festival voice system but I am having a 
> little trouble with this stupid little bit of GUI code.

QString::QString can be called as QString::QString(const char * str)
according to the docs, or am I missing something here?


I assume your "string" is a normal null-terminated standard C string,
not any kind of STL thing or some other weird item?


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