[Wolves] We need some forums

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Nov 7 12:07:01 2002

Wayne Morris spoo'd forth:
> Hell, I always thought if you cleared the subject line and put a new one in 
> it became a new thread! I've been doing this for years on variuos lists and 
> newsgroups. No wonder I've got no friends! ;-)

Nah, mate. Threading isn't done by subject -- well, at least not
initially. When you reply to a message, your mail client will add the
message ID of the message to which you are replying into *your* mail's
headers (either the References on In-Reply-To headers, or possibly
others). Threading mail clients and news clients use *these* fields to
thread; they then might use Subject to add messages to threads that
look like they belong there (but don't have References headers,
presumably because they were sent from a crap mail client that doesn't
support them). So if you want to start a new thread, start a brand new

For more detail than you could ever want on this subject, and an
algorithm for threading messages, see


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