[Wolves] broadband

Matt Wright wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Nov 7 18:05:03 2002

> I *am* Mr Alcatel USB ADSL on Smoothwall (not really,
> but I would like to think I am) :) This is very easy.
> I can give you a good link, as I keep giving to
> everyone:

Just in case (without being overriding), I wrote the BTI PPP mini HOWTO. 
It isn't specifically Freeserve but there is a huge section in there 
about setting up the Alcatel USB modem in bog standard Linux.


As another point, to Adam, can you bridge an incoming USB connection to 
ethernet with smoothwall. With plain old ethernet you can setup a bridge 
(or firewall/bridge) without the actual machine having an ip address. 
Can I do this with the PPPoATM that BT uses?? I'm fairly certain I can't 
(with it not being ethernet<->ethernet but ethernet<->PPP) but it's 
always worth asking.


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