[Wolves] broadband

Matt Wright wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Nov 7 19:07:02 2002

> I'm not sure I understand you correctly... To be
> honest though, my expertise that I referred to, is
> probably nowhere as detailed as the impression I gave,
> I was being tongue-in-cheek ;)

Caught you in the act!! :P

> I just meant that I can set up Smoothwall for basic
> internet access for all machines on a local network,
> despite the Alcatel USB modem and BTopenworld being
> strictly single user (ie no Network Address
> Translation).

Ahh, my current setup extends to performing NAT for my local network and 
hosting my website from it. I was hoping someone could tell me if I can 
seperate the server and gateway to seperate machiens while still giving 
the server the endpoint IP address??

> If that is what you meant then yes. Otherwise my Mr
> Alcatel USB ADSL tag runs its course there. Don't ya
> just hate it when you're caught blagging it? Ask Ron
> ;)
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