[Wolves] ars'in door men

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Nov 7 21:07:01 2002

fizzy spoo'd forth:
>> Someone stole my Zaurus. Right out of my hand, while
>> I was standing on
>> the street, and ran off. I spent an hour and a half
>> at the police
>> station giving a statement, after which Jono very
>> kindly drove me home.
>> Thanks again, Jono.
>> I am really going off Wolverhampton.
>> Aq.
> bastards! isn't there CCTV outside the next door pub?

I described the guy (as best I could -- I was a bit shell-shocked,
really, so I didn't notice much) and they went away to look at the
cameras, but they didn't come back and say "we've got film of him, here
he is", so I assume I wasn't on it...

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This is Something
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