[Wolves] People to update the web site

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Nov 12 00:50:01 2002

--- "Warwick, Matthew P." <M.P.Warwick@wlv.ac.uk>
> /me raises hand

Cool Matt...do you fancy doing some Content/FAQ stuff
(see below)? If you do I will add the Content/FAQ
admin privilages to your account. :D

I was just thinking that we could use the following

 - LUG Secretery - Someone to handle booking the
meeting venue when needed, and confirming meetings.
This would only need someone to be able to ring up the
Clarenden and book a meeting in advance.

 - Content and FAQ authors - We could do with adding
some documentation on the site about the LUG and how
to get involved. This is all in the Content section of
the site. There is also a FAQ which could do with
fattening out with not only info on the LUG but also
info on Linux in general. Maybe Fizz could write some
stuff on security, Aq on Python etc. This way we can
develop a decent resource of general info on the site.

The main thing we need to do at the moment folks is to
get the site publicized. We could do with getting it
well known in the area and across the Internet. Let us
make our LUG the biggest and the best. :D



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