[Wolves] People to update the web site

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Nov 12 16:22:01 2002

>> I can
>> easiliy get an article like this /dotted, [H]ed,
>> Ananded etc. with ease.> 
> That would be cool to put something like this on the
> site. Could you send me the info, and I will add it.

Be warned. If you make the site *too* popular then you will kill angel,
the server that it's on. Getting it slashdotted is not all that good an
idea, people. :)

Besides, we don't want worldwide fame, at first, I don't think; what we
want is to get lots of West Midlands people involved and then grow...


from string import *;import re,base64;w=base64.decodestring('YXF1YXJp'+
'dXNAa3J5b2dlbml4Lm9yZw==');u='['+lowercase+']';print re.sub(u,'-',w)
while filter(lambda x: x in u,w): s=raw_input('Letter:');u=filter\
(lambda x: x != s,u);print re.sub(u,'-',w)