Fwd: Re: [Wolves] Sharp SL-5000D Zaurus for sale

Jayne Heger wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Nov 15 13:59:01 2002

> Yeah, he's about 5'10" tall, with a beard, 34" waist. He's about a 5 
> the 1-10 scale of guitar players, and he likes cheesecake.
> Oh, the specs for the Zaurus? I thought your bf was interested in 
> ;-)

Now that would be interesting! - would the said Jono model come with a 
KDE window manger, and a SSH client for remote sessions on the desktop. 
if it does then he'll defintely be interested in Jono ;)

Thanks for giving me that laugh, I've just had a lecture on Object Role 
Modelling - database design and I *really* needed a laugh.
Funny thing is the lecturer was really asserting that we must be 
careful to phrase things in the correct way, and look what I've just 
done - DOH ;)


Jayne ;)