[Wolves] I love LyX aka LaTeX

Jayne Heger wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Nov 20 18:02:01 2002


I just felt compelled to tell everyone just how much I love LyX! - I am 
currently writing a seminar paper for university, and Lyx takes care of 
everything. I just select Absract from the menu and it inserts it and formats 
it how exactly you would like it. ;) - This is cool, no more faffing about 
making sure your document is looking nice for me.
And it can import .doc files, I have tried and does a really good job at 
formatting it.

I will ask the university if they can put it on as I think it will be a damn 
useful tool for them to have. 

has anyone else used LyX before?