[Wolves] last nites meet

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Nov 21 11:30:01 2002

--- spud.65@goth-thing.freeserve.co.uk wrote:
> just wanna say last nites meet was cool. but what
> the hell have i been voted to do seen as i was
> rushing so i woudlnt miss my bus, which infact i
> ONLY just caught luckly :-)

Hehe...don't worry - you don't have to do anything you
don't wanna do. We were just extracting the urine
(unusually, this rarely happens :D). We are still
after someone to book meetings and arrange who is
doing the talk when we meet in a room...come on
someone...raise your hand. ;)

> when i finally got home at 12 i started ot install
> the god-like debian, which was an ass. took me till
> 4 to get it running and then remembered i didnt set
> up my pppd account when installing and wvdial
> wouldnt do it when i was in linux, and i couldnt get
> gnome to work at default instead of KDE (no offence
> to KDE just gnome is what i am used too) but hey
> dont matter.

For ppp setup I normally use pppconfig - I think it
comes on the CD, and it works well. As for running
GNOME, I am not entirely sure what you can do in
Debian, however I created .xinitrc in my home
directory and use:

 exec startkde

I assume there is a binary you can specify in this
file instead of startkde for GNOME.

> ps nice to have met u all btw :)

Good to meet you new folk too. :D

> pps <jono> The Lotto, cheese cake, ummmmm </jono>
> hehe

*droooool* Cheesecake is a wonderous thing...I would
spend my Loooootto money on *lots* of it. :D


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