[Wolves] I love LyX aka LaTeX

Jayne Heger wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Nov 21 17:04:01 2002

> Cool - whenever you can would be cool. :D
>   Jono

Also I was thinking, wow ;) - that if you want I could also send you details 
of what I did for my final year project, I built a Beowulf Cluster using PVM 
and PVMPOV running under SuSE. I could send you my dissertation and you can 
do whatever you want with it.
i do still get emails from people asking me to help them set up their 

Also, have I said I love LyX? it has set up my contents page automatically 
I just want to show off now and get it to do the 3D/shadowy text, any ideas on 
how to do that? anyone?

Let me know if you want info on Beowulf Clusters.