[Wolves] LUG meeting summary - 20/11/2002

steve parkes wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Nov 22 13:14:00 2002

>    LUG meeting summary - 20/11/2002
>    --------------------------------
WooHoo if this is a regular feature I never have to leave my house.

>The meeting also featured a rare sighting of Steve Parkes, who helped set
>up the LUG way back in the mists of antiquity.

Again if we had regular summaries I don't need to come ever again ;-)

>The Access to Recycled Technology (A2RT) Project
I am really interesting in this project and as well as helping out I am 
starting to plan how something like this could be created in Wolverhampton.  
No firm plans as yet.

Does anyone want to take a trip over to Brum to see how things are going?  I 
was also supprised to see a name that should be familier to jono and lee 
mentioned on their web site. Aidan Harris take a bow ;-)

>The LUG Web Site
>The continued use of PHPNuke/PostNuke for the LUG web site was discussed.
>Steve Parkes criticised the numerous HCI/accessability limitations of
>PHPNuke and PostNuke and described his lack of success in persuading the
>projects' maintainers to accept patches to fix some of the problems.
I have hacked a quick improvement to the phoenix version of postnuke that 
includes replacing more than 3000!!!! font tags with spans (not good but at 
least an improvment) and all the tables coming from the theme with layers.  
they are nicely layed out and work very well in lynx.

I can post them to someone to continue the work and will find the time to 
fix modules we have a need for as the issue arises.  I am pretty sure that 
the postnuke upgrade option will take the existing phpnuke database and 
convert it (not 100% sure never done it)

So who wants the code then?


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