[Wolves] A couple of things

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Nov 22 13:39:01 2002

> 1) Anyone who has a Fujitsu FDX310 ADSL Modem (like
> myself, pipex customer) may be interested to know
> that on Fujitsu's page, rather than develop their
> own drivers, they have put a link to here:
> http://dsl-linux.tripod.com/index/
> Apparently they work. I haven't tested them yet but
> will do ASAP

Matt, do you have any idea how these modems work with
Smoothwall GPL 0.99? I'm looking at these because I'm
in my new pad now and I'm going to be paying the ADSL
setup charges, OneTel are offering these modems free
to new subscribers. A quick Google turns up a
Smoothwall announcement from Jan 2002 where they say
that the Fujitsu will be officially supported in
Smoothwall corporate versions, but no official support
for the GPL. I guess they will include it in GPL
version 2 maybe...
I've looked at the site you gave but I'm not a good
one for hacking init scripts to include the modem
start thing. Any ideas or suggestions would be
appreciated, alternatively I may just buy an Alcatel
cos I know how to set them up...

PS. Yes I am still alive, up to my neck in SQL guts,
with a C++ assignment sitting patiently alongside me.
Hopefully make the next meet. The last one sounded great.



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