[Wolves] Re: LUG meeting summary - 20/11/2002

Si Griffiths wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Nov 22 14:57:00 2002

>From: "steve parkes" <stephenparkes1972@hotmail.com>

>>The Access to Recycled Technology (A2RT) Project
>I am really interesting in this project and as well as helping out I am 
>starting to plan how something like this could be created in Wolverhampton.  
>No firm plans as yet.
>Does anyone want to take a trip over to Brum to see how things are going?  I 
>was also supprised to see a name that should be familier to jono and lee 
>mentioned on their web site. Aidan Harris take a bow ;-)

Yeah Steve if you could sort something out like that it would be sound - i 
think the whole viral aspect of our project is a really good thing (like what 
we spoke about in reference to LUG's in general)  so if you were able to sort 
one out in wolves that'd be excellent. There's also a possibility of some 
people from walsall college setting one up as well - Goth Thing - if you're 
interested?? maybe you'd be up for making contact with this geezer - justin 
wiggan <morrisoto@yahoo.com> who i believe is a lecturer there

And aswell of course the infamous Aidan Harris - the lad knows how to put 
himself about - yeah he's a good mate of ours although unfortunately he's been 
working too hard of late & so hasn't had much chance to be involved - there's 
also a possibility that he'll be moving back to London - which'll be a shame - 
but i've said you said hello