[Wolves] Clarendon meet - 4th Dec 2002

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Nov 23 13:58:02 2002

Hi all,

After the discussion at the last meet - it may be wise
for us to meet at the Clarendon at the next meet, so
we can plugin in some PCs, have a presentation and so

Witht he relative unsuccess of anyone wishing to vote
themselves as a secretery for the LUG (bastards!), I
will do this one. If everyone wants to meet at the
Clarendon we will need to arrange the following:

 - Who wants to do a presentation? Aq on Python repeat
would be cool. :D

 - How many can bring laptops?

 - Who can bring a HUB and cabling so we can set up
WLUGnet on the night. It would also be cool for
someone to write a document for the website so someone
can plug into WLUGnet with their machine (e.g. setting
up interfaces/DHCP etc).

 - Travel arrangements - can everyone get to the
Clarendon, and if people need lifts - who can

OK folk...let me hear your ideas so we can plan this
early if it gonna happen, and if it is, I will book
the Clarendon up.


Jono Bacon - http://jono.dyndns.org/
KDE Developer - Freelancer - Musician

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