[Wolves] Opera closing problem

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Nov 26 12:07:00 2002

Sales spoo'd forth:
> Hi,
> Been using Opera (browser) for weeks now without problems, but in the last 
> two days it has just started closing down for no reason, with no error 
> message. It's as if I've pressed the close button.
> This can happens within a minute of starting it and without actually tryin to 
> use it.
> Is there anyway of tracing the routine running to see what is happening? 

Strace  is  your  friend   here,   although   its   output   is   fairly 
imcomprehensible; it gives you a  list  of  syscalls  that  the  program 
makes. Have you tried starting Opera from an xterm to see if it  outputs 
any messages when it closes? Might be segfaulting or something similar.


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