[Wolves] Re: Forums and the mailing list

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Nov 28 17:09:00 2002

In article <E18HPs6-0003kr-00@config18.schlund.de> you wrote:
>Well can't you just get the system to send mail to the mail list every
> time a post is made? 

Well, yeah, but how annoying would that be, eh? "A new post  is  on  the 
forums" and that's it. If you could put "A new post to thread  X  is  on 
the forums", then why not "A new  post  to  thread  X  said  'blah  blah 
blah'", and then why not "blah blah blah"  with  a  subject?  Gatewaying 
stuff *back* is a bit harder, but, hey, we've got plenty of web  hackers 
on the team; now's their chance to shine. ;)


"We saved the world, and now there's no place in it for us."