[Wolves] Domain registration and dynamic IPs vs hosting

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Oct 3 13:44:00 2002

Hi all, right I'm on the cusp of registering a .org.uk
domain through www.oneandone.co.uk who have a
dedicated booklet with the latest Linux Format for
2.89 p/a.
The plan is to use the domain masking facility to
point it at my home web server via a dynamic dns
service (ie dyndns).
This is in a bid to get away from the ISP dependent
system I am currently using (can only upload using
their connection etc) and have greater control of what
is available on my server (php, mysql etc).

I know very little about this stuff and don't know
where to look. Is this a feasible plan? Are there any
fatal flaws that I have not understood?

Ultimately what I would like to do is this:

1) Have my webserver handle my personal website and
maybe later another site.
2) Have an FTP server to handle the uploading and
downloading of pages, so I can download, edit and
upload the pages from anywhere.
3) How would I handle email addresses using this
domain name? ie for the domain bar.org.uk,
foo@bar.org.uk. I have heard that running an email
server using a dynamic IP is a dodgy game.
4) Eventually some kind of failover system so that the
services stay online using a backup server if the main
ones go down.

Basically does anyone think that I can't at least host
my own site this way? Is the other stuff possible? Are
there better solutions? (I'm aiming at Aq, Ron and
anyone else here who have their own sites and email
systems.) Is this company any good? Googling has not
been very helpful.
Thanks guys and girls and sorry for landing everyone
with these questions



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