[Wolves] Domain registration and dynamic IPs vs hosting

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Oct 3 15:24:01 2002

> Can Smoothwall do port forwarding?

Yes, I believe so.

> Does your ADSL provider allow all the
> ports you need? ie port 25 for SMTP.

I can't find this on their site (BT Openworld) but
I'll trawl usenet, what other ports am I going to
need? Do I need to worry about DNS servers and other
stuff I know nothing about, or is it all more
straightforward than I think?

> If so then you can do it all on your
> own box just update dyndns.org everytime you get a
> new IP.

Excellent, thats what I hoped :)

> BTW many ISP's
> say you are dynamically assigned IP's but in reality
> you get the same IP
> everytime.

BTO seem quite insistent on being their dynamic as
static IPs are value added services.

> A certain ISP I have a close connection
> to gives fixed IP,
> although I didn't tell you that :)

Hahaha, sorry I'm already signed up tho I may be
moving house soon and I will be looking at a new
broadband provider.

Thanks Jon, your time is much appreciated,



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