[Wolves] Chicken-and-egg situation regarding HPT372 RAID controller

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Oct 10 09:33:01 2002

Peter Oliver spoo'd forth:
> You could boot the system from a ram disk, insert the required module,
> then pivot_root onto a new root filesystem on your RAID array.  I use
> something like this technique to run my root filesystem under LVM.  Since
> you're getting your kernel loaded as it is, the boot loader must recognise
> the RAIDed volumes, and you'll be able to load the ram disk from /boot
> without problems.

Blimey, this is a bit hardcore, isn't it? I didn't think that the
pivot_root magic was ready for production prime-time yet?


>> Heard a lot about eggnog, but I have never experienced it
>>first-hand. What is this thing made off?
> Isn't it obvious? Eggs and nog, of course.
Don't pay any attention to him, Sid. It's eggs, *sugar*, and nog.
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