[Wolves] FaxYourMP response

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 11 12:00:01 2002

Simon Gill spoo'd forth:
> Your letter worked wonders with Rob Marris, Aq. I got a response from
> him last night and apparently he has tried to use Linux and failed.

Woo, cool. :)
> He says that he is concerned about the EUCD and is talking to our MEP
> (for the West Midlands I guess) about this. He has forwarded the letter
> and raised a few points of his own ("I am confused to the point of
> perplexity about the stuff in the third paragraph.")

I'm unclear as to whether he's confused because I phrased it badly, or
whether he's confused because the concepts themselves are confusing, or
whether he's confused as to why our government is implementing such a
fascist proposal. :)
> Perhaps we should invite this guy to a LUG meet?

Yes. Absolutely.

Let us know if and when he can make it so we can brush up on details of
the issues rather than my rather confused rant about it last month ;)

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