[Wolves] Blinken Lights UK

Robert Smith wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 18 07:59:01 2002


I have been spending a lot of time thinking about this project of ours and
yes it can be done!! the problems I have are:

1) mounding each lighting fixture in each window - blinken lights made a
tripod for each bulb!!

2) setup time its less than a month! and the is an awful lot gear which
needs to be preped ie 100w lightbulbs with cables on with 15amp round pin
plugs!! or 13amp square pin  possibly!!!

3) setup on the day! its gonna ttake a good 15hrs to get it working i would

4) control of blubs, its possible to control the lamps we want to use but
each picture / message would need to be manually programed into a lighting
desk or via a windows box, this is the area in which my knowlege starts to
fail depending on the desk of course!

5) how will this raise money??

6) it seems a lot of work for 1 night and I dont know if i have the time
granted im still in full time education!

7) I do think the project is worth doing we just need to find a longer
period over which it can be run!

8) Also I think we need to consider the building very carefully as some
where like manders tower which is full of computers with company info on is
hardly gonna let a group of hard core computer users unlimited access to
their office.

9) here is the last point!  Insurance!! i dont know if stage electrics will
lend out the value of gear we neeed to borrow!

10) oh and where do we get the cash to get hold of all the bulbs and
fittings?? stage electrics dont carry that kind of gear

I will contact stage today or tomorrow morning and see what they have to