[Wolves] Hosting using Blueyonder cable

fizzy wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 18 12:13:01 2002

i will beat Ron to this reply :)

They are actively scanning for open news and mail
servers, because they keep on getting blacklisted for
news and mail spam.  Running any un-authenicated
service i belive breaks the AUP, Ron can confirm that.

 --- Wayne Morris <waynemorris@encloser.com> wrote: >
Anyone else here using Blueyonder to run a webserver
> from home?
> Don't really know whether its normal or not but my
> Smoothwall is reporting a 
> lot of scans from scanner.abuse.blueyonder.co.uk  ,
> I wanted to know whether 
> everyone gets it as a normal scan for open
> mailservers etc or whether they 
> have specific interest in my webserver.
> they only ports they seem to be interested in are 25
> , 443 https and 
> strangely enough 119 nnp.
> cheers
> wayne
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