[Wolves] Blinken Lights UK

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 18 16:58:01 2002

Robert Smith spoo'd forth:
> Hi
> I have been spending a lot of time thinking about this project of ours and
> yes it can be done!! the problems I have are:
> 1) mounding each lighting fixture in each window - blinken lights made a
> tripod for each bulb!!

Ah, we just do something unprofessional like put each light in a
cardboard box and put the box on a chair or something, it's only one
> 4) control of blubs, its possible to control the lamps we want to use but
> each picture / message would need to be manually programed into a lighting
> desk or via a windows box, this is the area in which my knowlege starts to
> fail depending on the desk of course!

If the lighting desk can take input from a computer then we're fine. If
it can't then we need a better lighting desk. ;)
> 5) how will this raise money??

We half half of us standing in the car park charging people a fiver for
a ten character message, so blokes can have "I LUV MARGE" scroll across
a tower block. A certain way to get that new lady into bed, in my
opinion. ;)
> 10) oh and where do we get the cash to get hold of all the bulbs and
> fittings?? stage electrics dont carry that kind of gear
> I will contact stage today or tomorrow morning and see what they have to
> say!

What we need is to get it all for free; if it's going to cost us loads
then we can't do it...

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