[Wolves] Hosting using Blueyonder cable

Wayne Morris wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Oct 19 00:39:01 2002

On Friday 18 October 2002 11:00 pm, you wrote:
> A.P.T. Used Print and Mail Machinery Interactive Database
> Welcome to our live interactive database of all types of printing, mailing
> and finishing equipment for sale and wanted.
> Here you will find an up-to-date, constantly changing list of equipment for
> sale and wanted, from individual sellers of single pieces of equipment
> through to international dealers with extensive stockholdings.
> Wanted equipment can also be listed.
> Please use the buttons to the left to reach the pages you require.

Thanks, and to Fizzy

I still can't connect at 12.17 so unless there was a 'window of conectivity' 
at around 11 pm, the prob must be my browser end - which is strange.

Are there any issue with trying to browse your own webserver (running on the 
same machine) via the net? Ie the webpages are currently on the machine I use 
to surf with, so effectively I'm sending out requests for pages on the same 
machine but via the same network connection. always works - the machine address always works
http://homer/ always works (homer is machine name)
via blueyonder ip has worked but not right now
via ip forwarder - ditto.

If I try to connect to the ip address of the Blueyonder/smoothwall am I 
actually travelling thru the net or just to the smoothwall and back?

Is this just an issue of identity crisis?;-) Like if you had two nics in a 
machine both on the same network -could you talk to yourself?

So confusing!

Did you try the buttons, esp 'Full Sale List' as that would invoke php and 
mysql on my machine and should rule out a cached version of the front page at 
Blueyonders webcache - so only appearing to work for you?

Btw , the luminous green was a random hex pick for test purposes, the actual 
pages will be phpNuke probably.

Cheers for you help