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Simon Howes wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Oct 26 14:12:01 2002

Because I'm a share holder of Element14.  Ok, I'm sure many of you have
heard of Acorn Computers.  A few years ago Acorn Computers went out of
buisness, but there was a problem.  Acorn Computers owned such companies
such as ARM, RISCOS (that OS Linus whats his name admitted to copying the
code for, tut tut), PSION (The ex-PDA people), Arcam (sweet ass hi-fi
company)... the list can go on and on.  To keep these companies alive they
formed Element14 which is a consortium of people, which I'm a member of.

So why do M$ want me?

1) Because M$ say they invented the GUI. (my gosh!!)  RISCOS was in a 16bit
GUI when x86 Windows was stuck in 8bit command prompt.  Umm.
Element14 have a lot of backing towards this from many companies such as
Apple, SUN, Cray, IBM etc.  Apple actually worked with Acorn with their GUI
by inventing the mouse.  Which M$ claim is their invention and Apple are
currently halfway through a court case trying to prove M$ right, but guess
what, the Judge is an ex-M$ fanboy.
2) JAVA!!  yay!! M$ claimed they owned all rights to it.  they even started
altering the code to suit windows only (we all should know JAVA is a
multiplatform language).  a few months back Sun on behalf of Element14 sent
M$ to court (as Element14 has no money).  The case took 7 weeks.  SUN won
then Element14 took SUN to court, the case took 30 minutes.  Hehe.  It was
all pre-planned by SUN and E14.

There are actually more cases.  These ones are just some of the latest.

So M$ for some unknown reason want to sue [typo, i dunno] anyone that is
related to E14 (i have heard my name is on M$'s lists) for damages, hurting
Mr. BG's feelings (yeah, one member has already been sent to court for that
*crazy*) etc.  Even Tim "God of the Web" Berners-Lee is being sent to court
as he is a firm member of E14.

Simon "howesey" Howes

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> > I'm also waiting for Micro$oft to send me to court
> > when I turn 18.  Don't
> > ask.   :D
> Let me ask.... ;D So what's all this about?
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