[Wolves] How to get my modem to work!!

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Oct 31 12:10:01 2002

 --- Simon Howes <howesey@blargoc.co.uk> wrote: > Ok,
ok.  I'm new to linux ok!  :P
> Last night I decided to download Mandrake 9.0 and
> install it.  It's all
> working but I want to get my Alcatel SpeedTouch
> modem to work.  I have
> installed it within mandrake installation, but it
> wont connect.

I dunno about this one as I've never set up a 'Frog
Modem' under anything else than Smoothwall and it's
kinda point and click.

> Oh, and how
> do I configure the boot loader at the beginning.  I
> want it so if you leave
> it for more then 10 seconds say, it loads up Win2k,
> I also need to clean it
> up too, there are too many listed.

Right, open the Mandrake Control Centre, can't
remember where the Boot Loader bit resides in Mandrake
9.0 as I only took a brief look, but I think it's
under System or something. Basically you need to
change your default boot option. In the install
routine it is highlighted by a '*' after the entry
name, so yours will probably say 'Windows *', you need
to select 'Linux' and choose edit and there should be
a check box to make it default. Thats it.
To remove options you should select the required entry
and select remove.
NOTE - You should probably leave Windows and Linux as
they will be your ways of booting each OS obviously,
but it's worth leaving any like Floppy, CDROM and
Failsafe as these are your get out of jail cards in a
crisis ;)
As a general rule, after changing your lilo
configuration (I assume GRUB is the same but I don't
know), you need to run the lilo binary itself. So
fromn the command line run the command


that will probably do given that some distros place
lilo in different places and I can't remeber where.
You will probably see some stuff whizz past indicating
that lilo is changing its configuration. If you don't
see anything, you just get another command prompt, it
means that Mandrake did this for you already and hid
it from you. If you get an error then it probably
means that you need to specify where lilo is
/usr/bin/lilo or /bin/lilo or somewhere like that.
(I'm at uni using win2k so I can't look!)
Anyway, welcome to the world of config fun ;)
Good luck,



Use Linux. Because it's better.

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