[Wolves] How to get my modem to work!!

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Oct 31 12:54:02 2002

 --- fizzy <fizzyorguk@yahoo.com> wrote: > or you can
do it the mandrake way that Adam
> described!
> I did it my way on a mandrake 8 install on Saturday
> and it didn't kill anything, i guess the mandrake
> way
> is easier tho...

Actually, further to this issue, if you wish to attain
true Yoda-like knowledge of The Force then you might
wish to try the config file editing route as
ultimately this way will always be there and GUI ways
vary and will come and go. Maybe one day you will need
to edit the configuration of a machine that doesn't
run X.
So maybe as a beginner, you might want to settle on
the GUI route, but it might at least be worth looking
at the config file itself to see how it might be done
for future enlightenment ;)

bash prompt> vi /etc/lilo.conf

use  the command 


to quit

If you learn things the proper way first then it will
server you better in the long run, but sometimes you
just need to get things done. Not that I can say too
much about that...
Choose your path young Skywalker.



Use Linux. Because it's better.

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