[Wolves] Quiz

Ron Wellsted wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Apr 5 10:39:00 2003

First of all, I will award a pint at the next lug meeting to the winner of 
this quiz, so post you answers directly to me at ron@wellsted.org.uk and NOT 
to the list!  (If there are several winners, I will draw at random).

OK, we all know who people like Linus and RMS are.  Here are the names of 10 
people who made very significant contributions to computing in the past.  you 
may use Google (how could I tell if you did or not?)

What was the major contribution to computing made by:

1/ Grace Hooper

2/ Dennis Ritchie

3/ Gordon Eubanks

4/ Gary Kildall

5/ Phillipe Kahn

6/ Alan Turing

7/ Ken Thompson

8/ Tommy Flowers

9/ Nicklas Wirth

10/ Gordon Moore

Bonus Question:
Who were the authors of awk?

Ron Wellsted