[Wolves] Zaurus', WLAN's and such crap.

Matt Wright wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Apr 10 15:04:00 2003


As most of you will have ntoiced from my posts I've got my Zaurus. Having got 
my wireless card for it was well I have a small question. I reguarly, like 
everyday, play my mp3's from my workstation on my zaurus by mounting the samba 
shares from my pc, routing them through my server to get them onto the wlan 
subnet and to the Z. However I find that every now and again it will 'skip' or 
pause like if the Z is under load. However it's not load as I've actually had 
it does this while system info has been open and there's nowhere near full 
usage and it still does it. The question then is:

  a) Is the Z's wlan stack inefficient enough to make playing 192kb/s mp3's   
hard? I find it unlikely as I can quite easily stream mp3's off my server over 
the internet to school. My ADSL pipe is only 256kb/s upstream and this doesn't 
come close to the 11mbps of wlan.

  b) Is smb introducing so much crap into the network stream that it strugles 
to play properly.

  c) Is there something wrong with the wlan card on the server

I can't think of any other major probable causes. As I've said I successfully 
stream like this:

  Workstation ----Samba---> Server -----HTTP (256kbs/) ----> Internet --- 
10mb/s --> School

With little or no problems, so what's wrong?

Any ideas?


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